Why Choose Us




♦ Learning Efficiently


By customizing the lesson program according to each student’s goal, learning pace, and learning style, we streamline learning process. Also, regardless of the current Japanese level of each student, we support them acquire communication skills, practical skills, and various goals efficiently.



Customized Private Lesson


JAPAN Answer Language lessons are in an exclusively private environment where students can concentrate on learning without interruption by other students. In addition, we customize our private lessons according to each student’s goal, learning style, and learning pace.

Upon request, students can take lessons with friends or family members, etc and save even more lesson fees.



♦ Support Various Goals & Levels


JAPAN Answer Language also covers various subjects and goals including to acquire basic or business level of Japanese, to pass JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), to attend higher educational institutions, and to overcome weak points in the current Japanese skills, etc.

Our lesson programs comprehensively cover various levels of students from beginners and intermediate levels to advanced level and various generations from kids who want to be fluent in Japanese in the near future to adults who would like to use Japanese language for their workplace and businesses.



♦ Total Support


JAPAN Answer Language provide our students with total support before and after their moving to Japan. Our total support includes but not limited to preparation for school, for work, or travel in Japan.

Also, we help our students who are moving to Japan for various purposes set up their living environment where they can start new living smoothly and comfortably.



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