Efficient Learning






By customizing the lesson program according to each person’s goal, learning pace, and learning style, we streamline learning process and support our students acquire communication skills, practical skills, and various goals as fast as possible.






♦ Analysis 

First, we start off by assessing the current Japanese level of each student before starting lessons, and then we move on to the hearing process to identify the student’s goal of learning Japanese, learning style, and learning pace, etc. Then, we analyze all the hearing information for each student.


♦ Strategy 

By designing and deciding an efficient learning method for each student based on the analysis, we aim to achieve the goal of each student as fast as possible. We also set short-term goals. 


♦ Execution

As soon as the learning method is decided based on the strategy, the lesson will be started.

We assess the level of learning result after every certain number of lessons taken. Based on the assessment, we review the learning method, style, and pace and may re-design the method if necessary.




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