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Customized Private lesson




JAPAN Answer Language lessons are exclusively one-on-one private lessons. Our private lessons are customized and individualized for each person based on our original learning method.



Merits of our Private Lesson



♦ Reaching to full understanding

Our instructors experienced in teaching Japanese language teach you carefully until you understand the details.


♦ based on Each student’s learning style

Lessons are instructed based on each student’s accustomed learning style, memorizing method by strenghening advantageous points and overcoming weak points. 


based on Each student’s learning pace

Lessons are instucted along with the goal setting based on each student’s learning pace.


♦ Considering each student’s request

Our instructors pay attention to each student’s request during lesson.


♦ fully customizable lesson

Our one-on-one lessons are fully customizable based on each student’s goal and learning style and pace.


♦ Check the level of understanding 

Constantly review tests are carried out to check the level of understanding, weak point, and review points.


♦ quickening learning effects through assignment

By taking optionial home assignment, we encourage you to increasing the pace of learning effect. (Optional)


♦ Do not leave unsolved problems

All the unsolved problems and questions are not to be remained after each lesson.


♦ REviewing learning method

Occasionally learning methods are to be reviewed and revised based on the result of review test and requests.


♦ Lessons in english or japanese

Our lessons can be taken by either English or Japanse.




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